Spring Walk Thru 2015

Spring Walk Thru 2015 is in the planning process. Watch for more informatioin to follow.


Website redesign

The website may look the same, but a lot has changed under the hood.  Several features have been added to make it easier for the board to more effectively communicate to all homeowners.  We plan to use this front page to make announcements and provide reminders, so check back often for updates.
Some of the new features include:

  • New front page for events, reminders, meetings notices, etc.
  • New calendar page
  • New contact form to communicate with the board
  • Redesign of the meeting minutes page

The new meeting minutes page will provide a consistent format for minutes going forward.  We provided the minutes on the website as a convenience, however due to the redesign, we may not get around to entering any/all previous minutes into the new format.

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